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Are you loggedin ? If you don’t have an account with us, you’ll need one to post an ad. Register an account, then click on ‘Post an ad’ to start.

It’s crucial. A lot of people search by category. Choosing the right one can get you more views and better responses to your ads. Also, once you post your ad, you can change its category. but do your best to get it right first time. Quick tip: Look for ads that are similar to yours. Then check the category they’re in. Go through more than one sub-category to look for the one you need.

We’re here to give our visitors a free and easy way to find a wedding's vendors opportunities. To help that happen, we have some rules we need you to follow. (1) Only wedding related (2) No contact details in Title (3) clean and clear photos (4) English only please (5) No Spam Please (6) if you have sold it, take the ad down

We process the 95% of the ads within 3 hours of posting but it may take more time on holidays/vacations. However, you can send us email to speed up your ad approval you can check the status of your ad in my profile section

This may happen due to any of these reasons: 1. If your ad is not related with wedding occassion. 2. If your ad has duplicate and/or inappropriate content. 3. If your ad talks about illegal material and/or procedures. 4. If the email or mobile mentioned in your ad does not exist. 5. If there is a genuine complaint against your ad.

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